Europese Unie

Access to Land
‘A European network of grassroots organisatons securing land for agroecological farming.’
We aim to halt biodiversity loss in the EU and help stop global biodiversity loss by 2020. Here is how we intend to protect the natural capital essential to our health and our economy.’

European Soil Health Law (2022-2023)
‘Soils are crucial for food, nature and our economy and deserve the same level of protection as water, air or the marine environment. The aim of the Soil Health Law proposal announced in the EU soil strategy for 2030 is to:

specify the conditions for a healthy soil
determine options for monitoring soil and
lay out rules conducive to sustainable soil use and restoration.’

State of Europe’s Forests 2020
Rapport van de Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe. Het gaat niet goed met de bossen in Europa. Zie de samenvatting in NRC.

State of nature in the EU – Results from reporting under the nature directives 2013-2018
‘Europa heeft strenge wetten om de natuur te beschermen, maar die moeten wel worden toegepast in de praktijk. En we moeten ervoor blijven zorgen dat activiteiten zoals visserij, landbouw en bosbouw de natuur niet schaden.’

SHOWCASing synergies between agriculture, biodiversity and Ecosystem services to help farmers capitalising on native biodiversity
‘Little is known about what effectively motivates farmers to integrate biodiversity into daily farm management. In addition, there are only a few studies showing that biodiversity-based approaches produce benefits and this evidence is poorly communicated. The EU-funded SHOWCASE project aims to shed light on these issues by reviewing and testing the ecological effectiveness of a range of economic and societal incentives to implement biodiversity management in farming operations and examine farmer and public acceptance.’

World Health Organization, region Europe, Nature, biodiversity and health: an overview of interconnections (2021)

2021, vi + 32 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5558 1
This publication is only available online.

Urbanization, land use, global trade and industrialization have led to profound and negative impacts on nature, biodiversity and ecosystems across the world. The ongoing depletion of natural resources not only affects environmental conditions but also has an enormous impact on the well-being and security of societies.

This report provides an overview of the impacts of the natural environment on human health. It presents the ways nature and ecosystems can support and protect health and well-being, and describes how nature degradation and loss of biodiversity can threaten human health. It is targeted at readers who do not have extensive experience with the links between nature and health. While the overview report aims primarily to inform professionals and decision-makers in the health and environment sectors, it will also be of relevance for other sectors involved with the protection, management and use of nature and biodiversity.